Other Being

Posted: November 21, 2013 in aliens, dreams, madness, spiritual, strangers

It’s a trick of light
It’s a manifestation
Do you really believe
That other beings are out there?

In the early morning
You awaken to darkness
You are startled, you call out
“No, Go away! Go away!”

You turn on your reading lamp
Something has moved your pillow
Something has made a book fall off your shelf
You think what could this all mean?

There is a reasonable explanation
There always is
But there is also an explanation
That that defies the daylight world

There is that flash of blue light
A beam you have witnessed before
And a roaring sound you hope
Is just airplanes in the sky

But this future is stranger
It has become reality now
Is it the cultural subconscious
Just an image ingrained in your mind?

When you can’t evenSee yourself
How can you tell me
That you have seen the other being

Are they watching us
From a different frequency?
Are they teasing me, helpless
In my sleep paralysis?

And what is this bump on my back?
And what is this bump on my neck?
Is it just the stress of life?
Or implanted screen memories…

Cause I’m missing time
I’m waking up sleepless
I’m battling demons
That you tell me are just figments

I can’t open my closet
I can’t look in that corner
And sometimes I can’t look away
My heart is racing, please explain

I’m not even a religious man
Yet I whisper for Jesus
Because if nobody else sees this
Then I must be going mad

Lies, lies, lies, my eyes
Illusions, deception
Creatures of fiction
Why do they plague me know?

It’s just a trick of light
Your paranoid manifestation
You can’t actually believe
You are seeing the other being

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