city of memory

Posted: April 9, 2017 in spiritual, travel, urban

in taipei there were so many signs
foreign designs
curves and crosses of chinese
to my eyes nothing
but hints at dreams and for me
the signs spoke no specific thought
rather i had to look closer
judge a storefront by its owners and family
of customers
by the characters
bringing whatever product to surreal life
as wide-eyed cartoons do
thus living in taipei wasnt the familiar
conversation that a north american
city provides
rather it was more akin to glimpsing
at  a prospective lover
wondering what they looked like vulnerable
the mind stumbles in a foreign city
its usual logic broken
by a distance of endless
ocean waves
cured by the heat of centuries
of culture
it knows not what to make of dragon cornered temples
where citizens line up for blessings
of intentional open ponds of koi
as urban design
the soul here eats up days
to last a decade


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