who is deactivision…?

Since I saw “The Basketball Diaries” when I was sixteen I’ve carried around a pen and a notebook. I’m now twenty-eight and have a bin full of a hundred notebooks, thousands of poems. I’m into my second year of poetry-slamming and reading at bars and coffee-shops. My favorite poets are William Blake, Italo Calvino and Buck 65. Respond to my writings, send me links, invite me to read poetry in your city.

  1. Rae says:

    This is an example of a blog comment, you could edit this to put information about this page.

  2. Hi Craig, quote job after job i feel the people never satisfied. its not your job to make them satisfied. you cannot create for them, you can only create for yourself.Good stuff,hey your best gift is your imagination & How many people know that? your best fan

  3. drek daa says:

    i am leaving this note for those who have not yet recognized your brilliance … waste no more time poor souls … listen to what craig’s gotta say … cause he knows what he is talking about … drek

  4. I find the content of the verses to be interesting, graphic, and wondrous. Thank you for making a variety of free styles to look at and read, there’s lots of stuff in here.

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