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On the Coast

Posted: June 22, 2017 in ants, nature, peace, strangers
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talk about buying boots
and then end up
hiking barefoot

Wake up
to the ocean
and sun
on the Sunshine Coast

Big black ants
crawl over
dead wood logs

A local girl
is here
with a small dog
for some reason
we don`t talk
an understanding of peace

A heron calls

A wasp
hovers over
the ashes
of last night`s fire
I never noticed
how much
their wings displace

The girl
and her dog
silently leave

I watch ants
crawl over


The White Ants

Posted: November 24, 2014 in ants, drugs

I was first given the white ants
Off the tip of a knife
Their insect bodies glittering like
Uncrushed crystals
And that night I fell into
A deep and dark love
Now I cry for the want of it.
I Have fallen so
For a dangerous thing
That I will never be free.
I am a damaged heart yearning.

The white ants live on a moon
Like a porcelain bowl
Their warriors carry spoons
Silver and bludgeoning
The workers make long thick lines
Digging away pain and memory
Like automaton shovels
The nurses of the gleaming larvae
Lick and salivate the shells.

The queen
Is a plastic bag volcano.

And my slavery to these creatures
Drags all of my life-
My bank account hallowed
My mind wracked
My nerves deadened
My confidence waning
My energy spent
My image obliviated.

I am nothing now
But the aphid they feast upon.

The being that enters the hole
And lies in the gutter.

A fearful child.


Artius Musclefort Jaunepier had finally finished his masterpiece. The Air Cushion Carpet. It was an alchemical engineering masterpiece. Six sheets thick of durable, dynamic and hardened Goatland fabrics. Its pattern, done by his wife, was a fantasy battle between an Elephant man and a giant Panda. His son, Tonton Yellow Ant, had helped his ailing father with the safety enchantments. His sister, Mandi Musclefort, had carved out the controls with her mandibles. And Artius planned to fly.

The Jaunepier dream for generations. To take to the sky with the best in magic, chemistry, technology and design. To become Tapestry Burglars during the Great Depression. To steal all the Ant Kingdom tapestry histories of past wars, great journeys and Queens.

Artius worked seventy seven ant years researching the Air Cushion Carpet, later called a Shamzor. Shamzors become all the fad before the grasshopper revolution in the sixties. Even since Oldiest Holdfort Mauvedevie invented the art of animal husbandry, grasshoppers and caterpillars, still a few Wizants choose to fly Shamzors.

It’s true, look it up in your brain.

A Tale of Two Ants

Posted: February 2, 2012 in ants


It was the ants of times,

Tw’ants the worst of times.

Whence I found myself

An ant of fourteen stones

Serving in Her Royal service

Our queen Britanttiny.

I, Sir Mark Twant,

Humble narrator,

Was napping uponce a stone,

Dreaming of the queen mother,

Pinning me, a proud Read Ant Badge,

Whence suddenly a sound,

Did bring me to guard.

Twas a sneaky trail of the enemy!

Tw’ants were trying sneak into the camp!


I did cry at the toppest of my larnyx.

And I, Mark Twant stood ready,

But having expected to awaken my brothers

I was, as it were, too late.

The black ants must have taken me,

For I am a prisoner still.


And within these dirt walls,

I do swear that they are bugging me.

For I forget even good antiquette,

For the black enemy do feed me

And allow even these meager

Transmissions to my queen mother.

But Oh blessed Britanttiny!

Do show mercy and free,

Your servant,

Sir Mark Twant,

From my abysmal state

Away from your service!