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I saw a city
out on the horizon
of an endless prairie.
Grand skyscrapers
buildings of beautiful architecture
but it began to crumble.
One by one, buildings
folded into dust.

There was a house
it was important to me
the way things just are
in dreams.
The house was not
where I needed to be
but inside
I knew there was a black girl
waiting for me under a blanket.
As I tried to reach the house I grew
with each step
my body became gigantic
until like Alice
I could never fit into the door.
So I grew so big
I traversed the prairie
in one step.

I woke in a van.
It was the black van my father
had converted to a motor-home
for our family vacations.
It had a big dirtbike
painted on the side.
Only my father was there
driving silently
my fighting brothers where not there
nor was my anxious mother.

Suddenly we stopped.
A girl from my highschool
walked onto the van
she grabbed a handbag that was left on the seat
then she got off into the arms
of her black boyfriend
who wore a cadets uniform.
As my father drove us onward
I realized we were driving through
a training ranch for cadets.
A horse galloped through a banner
with a touristy quip like
“Y’all Come Back!”
Two cadets fought
in a fenced enclosure
with bayonets and white hats.

We drove under a gate
a wild First Nations girl
skated on the frozen mud
long black hair behind a white mask
she grinned at me knowingly
and I also spied a father and son
sharpening spears
preparing to hunt bison.
As my father drove the van
down an icy hill
the First Nations girl
skated alongside us
a spear in her hand
a wild smile
behind her mask.


Codenames for Bad Dreams

Posted: January 3, 2017 in dreams, drugs, lyrics

All the worst girls that I ever knew
Were just codenames for bad dreams
Packet of pills and a bottle of blue
Codenames for bad dreams

You wanna live, you wanna laugh
But it’s over too soon and now you’re lost
You wanna give it to the past,
But it’s over too soon and now you’re lost

Cause you’ll never get enough
From a strange spacedust
And a stranger that you trust
When your money goes bust
And you’re holed up in a flat
With a monkey on your back
With a broken spoon handle
And the tip is turning black
And you need a new dream
But you can’t fall asleep
Cause your medicine was mixed
With a mystery….

Storm Shadow (c.2006)

Posted: June 11, 2014 in dreams, spiritual


A room full of landscape paintings

Places I’ve never been

Creatures I’ve never seen

A wise man in the corner

Asks; “Which one is a window?”

I tell him I don’t know

His questions are not so simple

Is this vital?


For my survival?

Is my mind so naked?The wise man is blind

As happens time to time

Nature takes sight

Those see with different eyes

The wise man seems ancient

Perpetual patience

He knows the equations

For guided meditations

All conscious thought


Feel your soul

Slipping away

Now you are learning

Now you are finding out how to let go

Play chess

With no board

Memorizing the names of mountains

Snuffing out candles with swords

Floating circles in water fountains

Slap myself with rings

Swim in pools

The chlorine stings

Standing still

On a moving train

Finding the silence

Inside the pain…

Other Being

Posted: November 21, 2013 in aliens, dreams, madness, spiritual, strangers

It’s a trick of light
It’s a manifestation
Do you really believe
That other beings are out there?

In the early morning
You awaken to darkness
You are startled, you call out
“No, Go away! Go away!”

You turn on your reading lamp
Something has moved your pillow
Something has made a book fall off your shelf
You think what could this all mean?

There is a reasonable explanation
There always is
But there is also an explanation
That that defies the daylight world

There is that flash of blue light
A beam you have witnessed before
And a roaring sound you hope
Is just airplanes in the sky

But this future is stranger
It has become reality now
Is it the cultural subconscious
Just an image ingrained in your mind?

When you can’t evenSee yourself
How can you tell me
That you have seen the other being

Are they watching us
From a different frequency?
Are they teasing me, helpless
In my sleep paralysis?

And what is this bump on my back?
And what is this bump on my neck?
Is it just the stress of life?
Or implanted screen memories…

Cause I’m missing time
I’m waking up sleepless
I’m battling demons
That you tell me are just figments

I can’t open my closet
I can’t look in that corner
And sometimes I can’t look away
My heart is racing, please explain

I’m not even a religious man
Yet I whisper for Jesus
Because if nobody else sees this
Then I must be going mad

Lies, lies, lies, my eyes
Illusions, deception
Creatures of fiction
Why do they plague me know?

It’s just a trick of light
Your paranoid manifestation
You can’t actually believe
You are seeing the other being


Posted: October 2, 2013 in dreams


once upon a time
the was a girl named S.U.S.A.N.

she slept in stars

it was weird

why she dream so much??????

i’d not know

nobody will know

S.U.S.A.N has weird dreams

The Coded Bus Conversation

Posted: January 7, 2013 in childhood, dreams, drugs, urban

The first boys wears faded jeans and a red sweater. The sleeves are all chewed up, as if he played with his dog all day. We’ll call him Chip.

Chip’s friend was a lithe, handsome girl named Apathena. She had her fast food uniform on and smelled like fried food. I knew her name cause I’d been stalking her since tenth grade.

Chip – Come Apa. The football game will only take ten minutes, twelve tops.

Anathena – Its forbidden. Gods and cheerleaders don’t mix.

Chip – They mix all too well, lovely flower.

Chip reached his arm around her. I cringed with hatred. Then I saw his fingers reach into her pocket and take out a packet. It wasn’t a condom, as I first thought. It was a red baggie. Drugs.

Then I realized they were talking in code the whole time. I must analyze this. I’ll show the others on and they figure it out in ten minutes. Let’s see. I started writing down what they said.

Anathena- Chip, feed your own snakes. I hate football. Only if you give me a back rub.

Chip- Sorry, only got time for a finger.

Anathena – Aah. Flick off, perv.

Anathena then stood up and stood to wait for the next bus stop. I’ll pulled the wired for a stop. I hoped she didn’t see me look at her. Once her friend caught me masturbating at her pool birthday party, but she thought it was over her so she gave me a blowjob.

She got off and I followed her down town to Abbertsons University For Angels. I couldn’t go in as it was the all girl school version of Saint Abbertsons Military College. So I watched her till she was out of site and then went to my dorm.

I wonder what the code was about.