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Codenames for Bad Dreams

Posted: January 3, 2017 in dreams, drugs, lyrics

All the worst girls that I ever knew
Were just codenames for bad dreams
Packet of pills and a bottle of blue
Codenames for bad dreams

You wanna live, you wanna laugh
But it’s over too soon and now you’re lost
You wanna give it to the past,
But it’s over too soon and now you’re lost

Cause you’ll never get enough
From a strange spacedust
And a stranger that you trust
When your money goes bust
And you’re holed up in a flat
With a monkey on your back
With a broken spoon handle
And the tip is turning black
And you need a new dream
But you can’t fall asleep
Cause your medicine was mixed
With a mystery….

Big Alice, Small Rabbit

Posted: November 3, 2015 in drugs
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Let me be redefined
by the Taipei misty rain-
I feel out of mind Alice
stumble into the garden-
Sunlight frame pictures taken
a pocket of the dream-
Make a cake out of the meal
size isn’t what it seems-

What was a dragon back home
is a white rabbit here-
A new way to wait it out
has sorted out my fear-
Dodging bullets, rolling small dice
cards balance a megatower-
Getting full up lunchbox rice
sitting lotus in the shower-

Big Alice chase small
white rabbit into the sun-
Growing bigger, growing smaller
like mountain flower rain come-
Waking monsters, sleeping giants
Dumplings kill the ant queen-
Shaking up the eye of the appliance
a pocket of the dream-

Geist of MJ

Posted: November 25, 2014 in drugs, fame complex, messiah complex

checking Youtube hits- a pop video saturday
nose up, let’s get a whiff of yesterday

a whiff of the times, the singing dead
is that his ghost urging me forward like a boy to bed

was I lost in Neverland or saved?
led by a transhuman pop legend dead and strange

she was about tell me the number of letters in her name
and the number of letters in his are the same

but I knew what she was gonna say before she said it
it’s serendipity, it’s chaos, it’s pop, it’s magic

the aliens harvest our nervous energy our want
the fame aliens and the ghost stars haunt

that’s why nobody on earth ever really fits
wanna be gods in our nervous agitated hubris

inject the current paradigm with a new sensation
they sent us him from space with groove vibration

do you think his mother and father are part of this?
all I know is the king of pop haunts the artists

we are just stuff fluff dancing on the bridges
stitches of the sun post surviving religions

don’t ask me if MJ was our new jesus christ
while I’m painting your face and rolling ten sided dice

cause I thought for a minute I was him
residue from watching the bad video remix with kids

and if these chemicals ever do wear off
I promise I’ll take off this one white glove


The White Ants

Posted: November 24, 2014 in ants, drugs

I was first given the white ants
Off the tip of a knife
Their insect bodies glittering like
Uncrushed crystals
And that night I fell into
A deep and dark love
Now I cry for the want of it.
I Have fallen so
For a dangerous thing
That I will never be free.
I am a damaged heart yearning.

The white ants live on a moon
Like a porcelain bowl
Their warriors carry spoons
Silver and bludgeoning
The workers make long thick lines
Digging away pain and memory
Like automaton shovels
The nurses of the gleaming larvae
Lick and salivate the shells.

The queen
Is a plastic bag volcano.

And my slavery to these creatures
Drags all of my life-
My bank account hallowed
My mind wracked
My nerves deadened
My confidence waning
My energy spent
My image obliviated.

I am nothing now
But the aphid they feast upon.

The being that enters the hole
And lies in the gutter.

A fearful child.


Snow Drugs (c. mid 2000s)

Posted: November 9, 2014 in drugs

Snow falls like streams of white
The flakes leave little tails like comets
Cars go by and you swear they leave ripples
Ripples in black space like water
Look at you body, all I see is…

Can’t feel everything right now
People push and pull
Boys like to play fight
Like babies on a street made of candy
Every touch is like heat spreading

Dark skies make you happy sometimes
Laying on a hill in a land of grey grass
Sounds play tricks and everything…
Smells cold and is cold
Air smells like you, your body
Your sweat, saliva, drugs, your drugs

Love affair is like a chain
It chinks and draws your attention
The only reason it never lets you go is…
It holds you fast to wake up in the daytime

I need more drugs.


Posted: February 16, 2014 in drugs

What am I searching for?
In the snowbanks of ketamine
pure and simple- white oblivion.

My mind silent yet prisoner
to paralyzed visions, shapes
of un-numbered dimensions:

A dark city, towers raising
above and below, masses
of people gathered to worship me.

It is the exultation I seek
The grandeur.
I crush the crystal to powder
as a megalomaniac grinding his brain
injecting the cool numb
through a tube of paper
that medicinal bite
the airplane rush…

When I have it I can’t stop till its gone
when it’s gone
the snow on the ground taunts me.

The very clouds tempt me
and I find myself fingering my phone
in my pocket, thinking
of sending the text, the set-up,
the ritual.

Ah, yes, the ritual.
The pouring out of the crystals
counting each ones world.

The crush
the sexy bug whispering crack
of ketamine crystals
giving up their secrets language vision.

The scrape of the card and the paper,
the first sniff
the smell of mirror
the looking at yourself.

Do you pause?
Do you hesitate? No.
Do you think, my god,
I was once a child and now
my innocence so easily snorted up
into endless transgressions
of the boundaries of reality.

And for those long moments of vision
you feel connected to something bigger.
Every luxury and comfort is given
to you by invisible being.

Your bed moves under you
like a warm ocean.
Your fingers tingle as if given
a cold conciousness of themselves.

Everything is washed in a warm winter euphoria.


Sunday Mirage

Posted: January 20, 2014 in drugs, friends, madness, urban, Winnipeg

Never enough pockets for a night out-
But I’m sick of the hideout-
Time to try out-
Hitting the dance floor and chance-
My pants getting flown-
You know where I’m going-
Trying to keep my toes warm-
In a snow storm-
Writing rhymes while the flows born-
Before it gets aborted-
Shorted out my imagination like a motherboard-
Another hoarded notebook-
So shook up I feel like a monster-
Drinking a vodka Rockstar-
Talking to myself back alley walker-
BFI bin stalking pedestrian-
Not a good Samaritan-
Tonight I’m just a heretic-
Spare me karma I ain’t sharing it-
Fair game for creatures of all sizes-
Blame the quarter sized eyes-
Yellow in the night-
Bright ready to fight-
Like who’s gonna drop gloves first-
Blood lust love thirst-
Red snow and chunks-
Out of luck praying monks-
Keys for the frozen locks-
I suppose it’s time to talk-
Actions cheap and easy-
Sleazy on the replay believe me-
No sad violin solo heard-
Bad ass in this bad ass polo shirt-
Dancing in baggy black cargos-
See how far I’ll go-
Or how far I won’t go any further
Winnipeg, capital city murder-
Sad little fur ball-
No tail a sure fail, a sure fall-
Slip on the ice-
Flip on the lights-
Realize your eyes are bloodshot-
Rubbing in the mud hot-
A tub of melted snow-
Heart I felt it go-
Ten times faster than normal-
Way past dressed informal-
Plaid on the sweat stains-
Place your bets ladies and gents-
Words unsaid but still meant-
Fill me up with black pigment-
Slackers laying the cement-
Bring it, we got it, plus the breathe mints-
Holy shit it’s eleven’ o ‘clock-
Men in heaven of shock-
Hell of a winter so far-
Wishing I had a tin car-
Plexiglass road eagle-
Back seat tattoo needle-
Getting ink on the highway-
Don’t even sink deep enough for my say-
Was it Wednesday or Friday?-
Or does it really matter?-
Splattered pattern like black on cow-
Took a shower-
But where’d I take it?-
Was it a mistake-
Did I break my stink fast-
You’ll get wrinkled in a bath-
Laugh at the hairlessness of the situation-
Flow like butter crunch creation-
Better be a better lunch, than just a bunch of patience-
Caused I’ve sipped all the waiting I can take-
Time to wait for another break-
I feel like an Aesop Rock copier-
And I ain’t willing to get any poppier-
Than that anyways-
I just made up about two or three words up-
With this rhyme, so that’s ten cents a letter-
We’ll talk to Anderson Cooper about the ledger-
He’s a super-dude when it comes to the measure-
Of made-up word economy or whatever-
Pretty broke now-
Shut my wallet mouth up and how-
Sometimes the world gives-
Sometimes it takes-
Wakes you up from an inspiration break-
For Christ sake can’t I keep a jacket?-
Black with fur on the hood gets jacked-
From club two hundred coat check-
What am I supposed to be upset?-
Lost half a pack of smokes and an MP3 player-
Made out with a twenty year old MDMA taker-
Taxi to the after party-
Shit do I have to be smart?-
This girl is kinda peeking-
What kinda weekend is this even?-
Is the there some meaning hidden in the weirdness-
Or is it hidden in the sound of her breathing?-
Anyways I’m leaving-