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Return to Innocence (Enigma, 1993)

Posted: January 11, 2017 in family

This morning I woke up crying,
But I was smiling at the same time,
I’m happy in a way I haven’t been in years,
True happiness is accepting the tears,

I had a beautiful dream,
Of an old man who knew he was dying,
He just wanted to be real with his daughter,
So he kept trying,
On the last day of his life,
He felt death knocking,
And he convinced her,
To go with him golfing,
The daughter surprised him,
By thanking him for life,
And that’s the moment I woke up,
With tears in my eyes,

And I know that my father,
Could be closer yet,
If he had a son,
That was free to connect,
maybe it was the film I saw last night,
that’s got me sentimental,
It was called Selfless,
And an old Ben Kingsley was put into a young Ryan Reynolds,
At first you think the old man just wants to be immortal,
But by the end,
You understand that he just wants to make right with his daughter,

Or maybe it’s because,
I’ve been sober for over a month,
I had to come half way around the world,
To finally not be on the run,
It’s like coming back into a body,
That was borrowed by somebody else,
And when I finally come home,
I hope I don’t fall back into that hell,

Cause I know that I have a family,
A world that can always use fixing,
For years I blamed my sister,
For making radical decisions,
She estranged herself,
I hated that she took away her love,
But I realize I was doing the same thing,
While I was escaping into drugs,

Because I was an addict,
But now something is happening,
I used to spend my weekends,
Killing pain,
Now all I want to do,
Is hike a mountain,
And I welcome pain,
If it’s going to bring healing,
Why would I keep hiding,
From such a feeling?

And why would I hide,
From people who love me,
I used to shore them away,
Into a little plastic bag of oblivion,
Now I just want to start living again,
And listen to songs,
Like “Return to Innocence”


My Pawn Shop Father

Posted: November 28, 2014 in family, heroes, nostalgia

Pawn shop visitor
Price inquisitor
My dad likes to shop around
Like a junkyard hawk
Always looking for gadgets
A hobbyist by habit
A record collector
Guitar amp inspector

Fixing up the house
Working on the garden
Last jobs unfinished
But the next one is starting

Pawn shop customer
Price think then confer
Little things to fill space
Little tools just in case
Like the notepad in his pocket
Names jotted down not forgotten
A record collector
Guitar amp inspector