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Are the plexiglass CANCER CELLS
That infect my city with a MOOD disorder
That everybody thinks it’s normal to look at me
And yell at me to stop juggling

I have the RIGHT of way! I am JUGGLING!!!
I am making the world a slightly sillier, more FUN place-
I make children and panhandlers smile
YOU have no right, Mr. Ford F150 slave!
All you do is pollute the air, endanger yourself
Give yourself road rage and blast HORRIBLE
DEHUMANIZING oppressive rap music.

I don’t like to pull the:
“Do you know who my father is?” card
But yeah, he works upstairs
And what makes me SICK inside
Is that this honking ignoramus
Knows exactly who our mother is
She’s the one you dared pave a road over
She’s the one you choke every morning
She’s the one you bleed for your luxury

And I’m just assuming that
If you’re this ANGRY at a man juggling
And slowing you down by a few seconds
I doubt you found the time to even THANK
Our mother today for the suffering
You have imposed on her

Well one day she will RECLAIM her skin
Her rushing tears
Will wash your demon-cab F150 away
With all the other vehicles of the LUCIFER PROJECT
And during the deluge
I will smile and juggle on a rooftop
While you CRY and PRAY for a helicopter

even though the sun is shining all the snow is melted broken-

i just wanna stay home and listen to my Amon Tobin-

i don’t wanna open up that door and start walking-

cause my ball will get dirty and wet if i drop ’em-

and the people on the street don’t properly appreciate my grandeur-

i’m pretty damn sure i deserve an award just to stand here-

ten times more talented than the average pedestrian-

juggling the laws of physics you know i’m testing them-

arresting the attention of old men and children-

couples walking hand in hand thinking they’d rather be with him-

but this master of the three balls is a lone wolf-

when i need a partner i’ll just throw a dart at a phone book-

too good to look both ways when i cross the street-

focused on my juggling box as i’m tossing things-

i’ve used rocks, snowballs, teddy bears and different fruit-

i’ve juggled so fast i’ve even made blind people puke-

when bystanders witness my raw talent in action-

they’ve been known to fall off their bikes and orgasm-

this is the ballad of the three ball thrower-

hands in motion most catches in a single moment record holder-

juggling from point A to point B and laughing too-

i’ve got more tricks than crack addicts on Sargent Avenue-

under the leg, over the head, underneath the kneecap-

bumping off the inside of my elbow did you see that-

that’s a palm-stall, finger-stall, head-stall, chin-stall-

throw it high enough i can do i double-dream-hand-stall-

you gotta smoke a lot of crack to juggle like that-

not just a little bit of crack, but a whole lotta crack-

smoke enough that the world slows down to a suspended state of animation-

the balls almost stay in one place its amazing-

most people don’t have the patience to build this kinda skill-

yeah, you’re gonna fuck up plenty, but you gotta foot the bill-

don’t be a defeatist and don’t be so damn cautious-

look at me i’m the absolute best at being modest-

but honestly i’ve dropped balls in all parts of this city-

your balls aren’t worth nothing unless they’re willing to taste concrete-

and yes your hands are gonna get dirty and infected-

but that’s the best way for you and the street to stay connected-

and don’t fret those strange looks from joe public-

if they can’t appreciate beauty and skill then they can go stuff it-

cause its a harmonic art form, the balance and the rhythm-

i’m gonna juggle till i die, get arthritis or parkinson’s-