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Is this place a mall or a carnival?
Kids riding unicorn merry-go-rounds
with candy stuck to their faces
laughing hysterically
while sister skips the tile cracks-

It’s a mile track of cheap chinese made clothing
the smell of disenfectant
and time wasted
baby twins in an oversized stroller
and bored security guard
writing poetry eyeing up skateboarders
looking for a drug deal
circle the foodcourt high theft area
and wipe your nose on your finger
Emma Watson is in the new movie called NOAH

Is this a shopping centre
or a high tech playground
for no-brain spender zombies
walking around like Dawn of the Dead extras
its disgusting but what do we expect
capitalism gone rampant
two hundred year empire building crap-shoot
with telecom providers running lottery
survey crack games
and two-year warranties
that don’t cover ethics-

Unscrupulous sales methods
and group psychology black magic
muzak filling the air
as teenagers sigh old men yawn
and silvered haired grandma
is buying three pairs
of gold earrings-

Is this a democratic space
or a spaced out silent debt slave
robot pen herd the sheep in
shave’em and sell the spring line
of halter tops and push-up bras
violent video games stupid
black hats with the word ‘FAMOUS’
all-capped in glitter sequin lettering
a graphic design nightmare-

But a dream we all hold up
like a placard of doom
“the crash is nigh”
close your eyes and hold on
to the metal bar
as the roller-coaster rises
scream your brains out
piss yourself and puke out
your teen burger in
black tile bathroom stall-

Is this a place of business
or a mental institution
every human in a crew cut
resuming a big game of Sims
quick let me in
I wanna redesign my closet
with more money than I’m making
since they made usury not a sin
I’ve signed ten credit cards
and raised the limits-

Raise the fluorescent lighting
but can you contain
my consumer ego
I want product choice
more than regional
I want my greed to go global|
so I can ignore hobos
and ship e-waste to
china or africa so little kids
can get poison by burning
plastic smoke as they play
soccer in a garbage swamp-

Is this a tourist attraction
or a classic saturday afternoon
satisfaction for
planned obsolescence addicts
its headless manikins versus
soulless photo models who
in five years will resort to porn
as their sex appeal wavers
its oversized coffee
screens everywhere
teens with green hair-

People addicted to phones
texting images flickering
sex sells overwhelms
over-stimulated rats in a maze
eyes a glaze a caffeine and sugar
haze the tower of babel
sprawling wider everyday BOGO
BOHO no going slow your
living in the fast lane the
so called space info age-

Is this a timeless place or
is time laced with suspended
animation did we kill our gods
with mouse toxin shot the dogs
and lost the last bit of dignity
to a pimp in a santa claus suit
tossed salad and stone soup
try out the D-box seats
and watch the Junos-

Who knows how long the spell
will last the caster is laughing
to the bank with a fat roll of
queens the american dream
out of control it seems the gleam
of the electron election machine
has only one button labelled
“Buy Me” Alice- “Try Me”
“Eat Me” “Drink Me”-

Is this a corporate think tank
or the shards of a broken
Winnie the Pooh piggy bank
they killed the wise old owl
and showered the shamans with
gamma rays grandmas playing
Malificient at the ice capades
and I’ve run out of nice things
to say-

So I finish my shift
put my phone back on
and shackle on
plug in my ear phones and
ignore the kids cracked out
on a sugar buzz running onto
the bus screaming
“I’m so hyper!” while my eyes
burn cause I only slept three
hours after a four hour shift
under mall lighting…

The waft of popcorn smell

greets you to Hollywood Manhattan’s

little stretch of claw-

tile, glass and L.E.D. lights

Yes! Oh god bless!


“Be yourself,

Buy yourself,

Buy the things you like,

And assert your individuality!”

-the 20th century was the capitalist

incubation of ads force fed

over the radio, then t.v.


where the internet services

your personally tailored feedtube

of material eye wow and

world within all-

eat it, wear it, drive it, fuck it.

Go numb for all the bleeping

and that always waking

tranquilization half open

lid glare off the iris topped

dollar bill pyramid-

the sun gazer all day

laze around dream

of the heart wanting hedonist.

Each of us pacifying our own

baby born rich from


speed cruising a yacht

into Disney under the sea kingdom.

And the baby cries until you turn

the t.v. full blast on the

reality show of that same baby

pooping gold into a

plasticine cup.

Two cups for one low price.

And then your loving boyfriend

gives you a red bull

and it’s all right.