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Here in Vancouver
Where the crows perch on streetlights
Nature meets city

In a ravine park
I find a silent corner
To jot down haiku

The traffic drones on
Birds chirp as the sun beats down
Leaves sway in the wind

Gently flowing stream
Into a tunnel you flow
From sun to darkness

Sometimes to go low
As water filling a creek
Is the modest way

Treeroots, sticks and mud
A path leads to the old stump
At the ravine`s heart

In the shaded creek
A duck is still and napping
The water flows by


On the Coast

Posted: June 22, 2017 in ants, nature, peace, strangers
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talk about buying boots
and then end up
hiking barefoot

Wake up
to the ocean
and sun
on the Sunshine Coast

Big black ants
crawl over
dead wood logs

A local girl
is here
with a small dog
for some reason
we don`t talk
an understanding of peace

A heron calls

A wasp
hovers over
the ashes
of last night`s fire
I never noticed
how much
their wings displace

The girl
and her dog
silently leave

I watch ants
crawl over

Tuesday Sun Out

Posted: May 5, 2014 in nature, poetry

I know I look skinny
You think I need meat grow
But I still spit it
Get down with a beat slow-

Writing in a notebook
Walking in the wind
Talking to aliens
They try to be my friends-

Cars be my enemies
Money is a poison
My only tech’s a drum machine
So hear the noise go-

I’m reading comic books
And watching cartoons
While my fictional world
Starts to bloom-

Like a fallen angel
I ate my own wings off
I can play guitar hard
And still sing soft-

Maybe a slave to white
Powder crushed on a mirror
Rolled up the queen
Forgot and got queer-

I dream about the world
Ending in a flood
So when I juggle outside
I never drop in the mud-

I’m invincible, sick
Yet one day I’ll die
People promising riches
Some say they’ll cry-

My lyrics might take
Some misinterpretation
No reason not to blog

Words come out fresh
No reason to edit
Cells reborn infinit
No reason for a medic-

Hell, I’m my own breakthrough
An effing miracle
When I get teary eyed
And all spiritual-

When I read the dice
Coins tossed and drawn
Skeptical people want me
To sing a different song-

But I’m a child of the new age
Blue wave hat on
Pick my instrument and
Sing a new rap song-

About everything I hate
And things I haven’t decided
Cause it’s all Lady Luck
Broken urban planets collided-

Hide it on confusion
Corner in a bottle
I’ll be flying to the next
Level full throttle-

If traffic doesn’t kill me
I may live forever
Like pillow fights in
The land of Never Never-

A little less clever
Still I’m rarely stupid
Unless I choose to be
You’ll never see me do it-

With a lab coat
And some Nyquil
Stumbling between two
Buildings on a tight-rope-

It’s Tuesday the sun’s out
I’m free of winter
My feet cruise
My mind’s a splinter-

My hands take control
And bleed black ink
I may look crazy
Like a speed K freak-

If it’s not poetry
It’s a lovely confession
Takes my mind off
The other obsessions-

Like spacedust
And card games
Mental exercises
That aren’t hard to blame-

For my wallet being
As light as a feather
I’m just so glad
For better weather-

Give me no destination
And I’m smiling
The sun beams down
The hours are just whiling…



Cold Words Face Wash 2014

Posted: January 9, 2014 in madness, nature, urban, Winnipeg

Broken tits cold outside
People cuddle up to snow sculptures
and die!
Like sepultras of trying to survive
but you cry cry
crystal snow drips out your eyeballs it’s
superheroes, the power to see my breathe
the power to tempt my death…
the power to zip up my jacket and multi-task
a flask of Sailor Jerry’s and ash into the four foot snow bank.

Yeah, you didn’t even have to ask if if that snowman was your cousin,
Or the snow angel you were hugging was just fluff
sluffing off to the dark cold night with some Vics nyquil
and gravol combo bustin you in your muffin sized jacket!
black contrast that sad kid who can’t keep up in the snowball fight
while we roll call the Transformers
Cause igloos are the original closets with no corners
or faucets, this precipitation is AWESOME!!!

Falls from the sky like volcano marshmallow nights!
Like one in a million but no two snowflakes are alike
face wash fight and flight
chilling with the shovel guzzler
It’s cold cold cold Winterpeg!
Where is Stryker?
steal a bike, start a fire, ignitor,
my tummy hurts, nyquil, meth, ox, said
I mean- these engines of gas won’t last to that-
switch that hat with a real fur hat-
Welcome mat- splish splash, floors killing snow
like whiplash
cars slide on the bars of ice like rails
and it’s hard to climb over snow mountain trails-
a city white covered ghost over burmuda triangle-
abominable snowmansion white castle all the heat ranglers!

Rangling your heat like your landlord wars
over who should be chippin the ice off the steps
pickin the lice off this dead Tauntaun
and I found Luke Skywalker’s body inside
try to map a path to the movies using the skywalk
and the underground mall the halls under the frozen
hands shaking asking for change
making eight eighty for the Westminster sherry
but barely able to say god bless you
in this confused secular future we’ve put our poor in!
Yes poverty is still a capital sin
in this magical spin spun doctured land we call:
China- Canada!

Made in mandarin oranges
mango manitoba metis porridge
we got two statues of Louis Riel
baby you can call me Al-
one at the ledge, one hidden
in the secret sex cult concrete
College de St. Boniface
a tour de grace
a tour of laughs
as potential tourist laugh at the idea
of vacationing in the cold snow center
of the perverse murder capital first train to the postage stamp

and I have to admit I love this
tits cold gritty bold city
right down to its last ugly
dirty back alley phantasm of the past.

When I was a childthe angels ran a soap opera in my head.
They got married and divorced
and married and divorced and married
and had little angel children.

And my parents told me I had imaginary friends.

Angels whisper alien? Why?
Lights in the sky- Aurora Borealis!
Purple blue green orange
a melting night rainbow
“Quick get the kids
out on the deck!”
nature is aglow
The world is open.

The aliens liquid dance and the acid is free.


Posted: September 12, 2013 in nature, trivial banality

I think today

I’ll just write

Little things

On the backs

Of big ideas


Cause today I’m overdressed

Tricked by spring again

Got a sweater on

A jacket and I guess

I just sweat it out

Cause my backpack is full

For the Ants

Posted: August 27, 2013 in nature

Wake up

Beautiful sky reflection morning

On West Hawk Lake

First campsite on the Mantario Trail.

Work hard

To boil water for my tea

Rip off some birch bark

Burn some dead thistles.

Read a passage

From “Empire of the Ants”

And play harmonica

For the ants.

One ant

Carries a dead ant over a rock

The ant died in the fires’ dying heat

Black ants search and crawl

Search and crawl over the ashes.

Surrounded by nature

Its beauty leaves me at a lose for words

With which to describe its beauty.

Its awe and sublimity

Makes the human world of language and names


A system of hubris

Of self god righteousness.

Nature is beyond morals.

The fly doesn’t care.

The ant doesn’t care.

The ant approaches the fire and is burned

So that its compatriot

Can carry its corpse back to the hill

Its pheromones tell the hivemind

How close it can crawl to the embers.

The bird doesn’t care.

The tree will fall when it falls.

As will the rain.

Life goes on

Death goes on

The still wonder of nature in resurgence

In chlorophyll majesty.

Its a trap for the naming poets

For the feeling, caring

Describing, human poets

Who try to capture in verse

And fail.

Best try and try again

Swatting at bugs

Feet soaking in a cold lake.