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What would Jesus Do?
Where are all the ‘what would I do’ bracelets?
What would the real me do?
What would the version of me who lives in a parallel universe
Where a value system isn’t lumin shoved down your eyeballs do?

‘Mocking Jay’ synopsis: A young girl’s beauty is used
by both sides of a propaganda war
Subtext: Jennifer Lawrence’s beauty is used by Hollywood
to remind us that archery is quote “kick-ass”
(and also to please forget that “V for Vendetta” film
we had no idea you would actually take the R-word seriously)

I am actually scared that if I lost my ‘distraction’
it would not be long til I was planning the revolution
(why do my conversations get hijacked by how to change the W.?)

Don’t forgot that only a group of dedicated minds can change the W.
That the W. got this way through the use of the big I.
As in ignorance….

Logic/rationale (informed by convenience) led to scientific progress
which led to environmental disaster (which we ignore)
and now live in ironic times (rational science leads to irrational life)

We live in the most heavily and intensely propagandized times
I feel active in less than 2% of my decisions
My thoughts tend towards my obsessions (distractions)(stuff)

Pay the Pain Forward

Posted: August 20, 2014 in revolution

Sometimes I have nightmares about-
Meeting the man who has my information-
The man who took control of my fingertips-
The hacker who stole all my creations-

Sometimes I have nightmares about-
Meeting the man who made my life a living hell-
Sometimes I have bloody daydreams-
About how that meeting won’t go so well-

But I gotta leave my gun in the top drawer-
I got to put the safety back on my fist-
I know I want to hurt that man-
But I just got to resist-

At what point do you let the vultures eat your soul?
At what point do you stay docile?
At what point do you let the fuckers take control?
Being a sheep instead of another animal-

Now I can’t say I know the man who will hurt you-
But I know it won’t take me too much time-
To find a man who only needs an offer-
To find you and not be so kind-

Cause I could probably find a man who would break your arms-
Hurt you, but not fully-
A man who could snap your neck-
The way a teacher snaps a pencil in front of a bully-

Now I know you didn’t mean to make me mad-
I know you didn’t mean to make me hurt inside-
I’ve seen shows like Breaking Bad-
I know you’re probably just another Walter White-

You took the pain and paid it forward-
Probably just as jaded by the institution-
But if we all pay our pain forward-
It’s going to start a revolution-

Is that the only solution?
Cause I got friends in low places-
Is that the only way to do it?
Cause I got friends with mean faces-

Cause if this pen is mightier than the sword-
I could write you out of existence-
If this pen is as mighty as a machine gun-
The let the bullets rip you to pieces-

Cause all my pens keep on breaking-
When I try to write about change-
And when I’m tired of breaking pencils-
Guess who’s going to feel my rage-

Cause I’m sick of being a coward-
Sick of being a source of money-It’s time to wake up and fight the powers-
It’s time to get our blood running-

So when they throw tear gas throw it back-
When they start pushing you with riot shields-
Show them how we won’t take that-
Show them how it feels-

I used to be scared of being famous-
I used to be scared of being assassinated-
I was scared of what I’d do if I made it-I used to be scared of being hated-

But it’s time to start the conversation-
It’s time to talk to your friends-
Cause if you’re sick of the corruption-
Then it’s time for the corruption to end-


I used to wonder why didn’t fit into their system-
I used to dream about aliens coming through my window-
I used to want the world to crumple in revolution-
I used to dream about dying and where my mind would go-

I used to think I was Christ and then I realized
I am no savior-
I needed to exercise, the demons in my life
Before I become a creator-

It’s hard for me to see that I’m no more special
Than the others-
And it’s even harder for me to
Forgive my brothers-



I always wondered why my life was so confusing-
I always thought I’d be a prophet on the street-And now I see that this is all of my own choosing-
And now I know that it’s the silent ones that inherit peace-

I used to pretend that I’d died when we’d play-fight
In the basement-
I needed to exercise the martyr insideThe dark agent-

It’s hard for me to see that I’m not
Meant to be a resistor-
But it’s even harder for me
To forgive my sister-

Can the music bring me closer-
Can the writing give me closure-
Will I ever know what I’m supposed to do-
Or what I’m supposed to be-

I guess I spent too much time atop the tower-
I guess I’ve gone blind hating the doubters-
I need to shout my lines when the world gets louder-
I need to realize I don’t have super-powers-
I’m not a mutant, just an addict-
In an information war-
What I need to do is turn my talents-
Into my own act of war-
Cause with my guitar, I can break the bars-
Of this prison planet-
It’s not to far, if you work hard-
You can make a stand!