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The Gift of Freedom #1:
Of never having been incarcerated
for the numerous crimes of my youth-

The Gift of Life : #2:
of never having succumb
to the diseases that have surely
brushed my essence.

Gift #3 (or Reason):
For only briefly entertaining
the madness that comes
from the unchosen unprofession
of poetic engineering.

The Gift that is Number #4:
[Fearless Fear]
which also contains:
the gifts of speech-
not sleeping
and staring the carriages of death
in the eyes unflinching.

And Finally (the fifth) Gift:
Membership for five lifetimes
into the Imagum.
Where I bear my hands
to the winds and give life
to sentences of frozen ink
that vampires of the future
may lavish over or ignore
as is their specific will.

Craig Bednar Ink.

Posted: October 14, 2013 in economic, politics, self-aggrandisement

I think people need to start fighting for their rights as
because people are
corporations too
We deserve are the rights, privileges and freedoms
that are afforded to our more affluent cousins

I have shareholders who also have a stake
in my continued survival
I demand protection
against the forces that diminish my
operating efficiency
My mind is private property
I will begin to persecute its perpetrators

My attention is an asset
and I demand compensation for its theft
I want my value insured-
insurance against
corruption, manipulation and false creation
of my values
by foreign agents
I demand the freedom to shape my own values

Where is the assurance of increased return
of my happiness
in this day and age?
no law protecting my right to
spiritual development…
We have a mandatory system
perpetuating a faith in money
the economy
protection of government
and their uniformed officers of the peace
and what of the PEACE sought by my corporation?


Posted: August 27, 2013 in economic, self-aggrandisement

Building up delusions.

Then slowly being dissolved by your delusions,

as they melt from your head,

like the slow dripping of acid rain from the tip of a rusty spire.

You stew in your acidic delusional soup.

Poison to yourself.

Building up delusions,

like a house of cards made up of thousand dollar bills.

All those imaginary thousand dollar bills,

fly so fast,

like a paper cut tornado,

a dirty ink monsoon,

a sticky money rainstorm…

gnawing on empires

Posted: November 15, 2011 in self-aggrandisement

staring at the sun shining


wine in my head dining

on grapes and Cesar salads

the empires gala gladiator rising

devising new plans

with a harem full of women

working the palm tree leaf fans

a laurel on my head

crown bad ass poet emperor

twenty one one

nobel peace prize for being white

and inciting new laws like every citizen needs to don

an effigy of my cock on their front lawn

brawn in the military industrial complex

yet so simple

I make corruption

look like three year olds playing Candyland

while grandma eats the rules and grandpa jacks off

the bishops got more pawns than the shops on main street

yet wall street is kissing my feet

and sucking on my toes

I make toast out of the charred remains

of political enemies

Cleopatra laying in my bedsheets

seducing me

and yeah I’m gonna behead her little pharaoh brother

twelve years old I got a spear with your name on it

a pyramid tomb to rob

and a sphinx’s nose to shave off

who’s king shit poet now?

milking the english language like a mad cow

and letting the sheeps loose on the wolves teeth

the roman eagle flies high

while the slaves work hard into the night