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I saw a city
out on the horizon
of an endless prairie.
Grand skyscrapers
buildings of beautiful architecture
but it began to crumble.
One by one, buildings
folded into dust.

There was a house
it was important to me
the way things just are
in dreams.
The house was not
where I needed to be
but inside
I knew there was a black girl
waiting for me under a blanket.
As I tried to reach the house I grew
with each step
my body became gigantic
until like Alice
I could never fit into the door.
So I grew so big
I traversed the prairie
in one step.

I woke in a van.
It was the black van my father
had converted to a motor-home
for our family vacations.
It had a big dirtbike
painted on the side.
Only my father was there
driving silently
my fighting brothers where not there
nor was my anxious mother.

Suddenly we stopped.
A girl from my highschool
walked onto the van
she grabbed a handbag that was left on the seat
then she got off into the arms
of her black boyfriend
who wore a cadets uniform.
As my father drove us onward
I realized we were driving through
a training ranch for cadets.
A horse galloped through a banner
with a touristy quip like
“Y’all Come Back!”
Two cadets fought
in a fenced enclosure
with bayonets and white hats.

We drove under a gate
a wild First Nations girl
skated on the frozen mud
long black hair behind a white mask
she grinned at me knowingly
and I also spied a father and son
sharpening spears
preparing to hunt bison.
As my father drove the van
down an icy hill
the First Nations girl
skated alongside us
a spear in her hand
a wild smile
behind her mask.

city of memory

Posted: April 9, 2017 in spiritual, travel, urban

in taipei there were so many signs
foreign designs
curves and crosses of chinese
to my eyes nothing
but hints at dreams and for me
the signs spoke no specific thought
rather i had to look closer
judge a storefront by its owners and family
of customers
by the characters
bringing whatever product to surreal life
as wide-eyed cartoons do
thus living in taipei wasnt the familiar
conversation that a north american
city provides
rather it was more akin to glimpsing
at  a prospective lover
wondering what they looked like vulnerable
the mind stumbles in a foreign city
its usual logic broken
by a distance of endless
ocean waves
cured by the heat of centuries
of culture
it knows not what to make of dragon cornered temples
where citizens line up for blessings
of intentional open ponds of koi
as urban design
the soul here eats up days
to last a decade

City Shock (c. 2015, Taipei)

Posted: January 11, 2017 in spiritual, travel, urban

Responding to my new environment
With a camera and a laptop
With a hungry stomach and hungry eyes
An open spirit
An open mind
Body shaking
From the sheer scope and awe
Yet when an earthquake happens
I can’t feel it at all
Head tilted back
Trying to see the top of 101
Look for keys
On moss covered mountains
Poetry books reworded

Drinking through my last days in Taipei
Dazzled by arcades with Japanese names
Paying for toys I barely have room to ship home
Scared I will forget Taipei
If I don’t own the right trinket
I want this city to sink permanently into my skin
Even as I dream of leaving it…

Taipei is lights too bright
Traffic too loud
A sun too hot
As air conditioners drip like tears
Forming puddles on beetlenut stained sidewalks
Endless toy-stores
Full of highly detailed Japanese sculpt
Of every cute character to extremes
And extremes made cute
It is a plastic island.

I bleed red money here
My hands stained with blood spending
Whipping out my phone
To track the damage like a detective
On the case of my own debt
Taipei is falling asleep to the whispered secrets
Of a tired fan
Staring at the moon over Taipei 101
From the Sun-Yet San Memorial pond
And singing to calypso music
This city is drunk on plastic.

Black Hills Moon

Posted: August 27, 2013 in travel
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A thousand year room

Black hills moon

I’m kitch shopping

Deadwood gnome boner

The sleeping giants

A return to childhood vacations

Mt. Rushmore badlands

American patriotism is billboards

Wall Drug water free ice

5 cent coffee

Junior Ranger

recharge the technology

hotel swimming pool

Did I name this one?

Long drive through natural unders

Ranches old Lakota land

grass life slow

highway souvenir shops

A place I came to twenty years ago

I was ten

Thinking about toys

Now I think my head is mostly empty

Roundtrip beard

Packing in a car

Convenient store meals

Spearfish billboard

Discover the Warrior Trail

Lights in the Black Hills

Full day cave tour

Rock mountain faces

The one dollar gamble

A knife with my name on it

Square Year

Posted: March 14, 2013 in madness, travel, Uncategorized

My years are vignettes,

Last years income, twenty-four K.

One mental break-down.

One trip to New York.

NY time

Posted: May 12, 2012 in travel

What if the sun

was a dial?

And every minute

stretched a mile…

Time here is slow

and fast

Perfect landing

and a crash

Spoken word

and awkward silence


Times Square

A thousand

The pumping

money blood

heart of capitalism

the mad men

try to wield

their wicked

stick at me and I laugh


Elmo Mario Luigi

Uncle Sam Mickey

And Optimus Prime

wearing an American flag

as a cape