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Fable / Fallout

Posted: January 16, 2017 in madness, spiritual, Uncategorized

And it was the same time when the ants found that they had been replaced
by empty plastic bags walking upside-down on clear teeth
through the hollowed skull of panda, who had in turn
turned himself into a ghost simply by wondering if his thoughts
were simply nothing but ice water fountains of his own desires
hidden inside a sort of ghost panda, in a sort of doll
made entirely of dolls continually knitting themselves into being

Where the squid dancing with itself forgets that it is only one squid
it tries to wake up other versions of itself by shaking it’s own tentacles

This is of course madness
comparable to the pheonix feathers painting themselves
as a rainbow with every color but they are themselves the last color
that they will never be able to paint unless, they can become
like chameleon, ever skin shifting
sneaking away the secret parts
to build the golem, the magic clay monster
to do the bidding of the fable kingdom

The snow looks beautiful on the mountains
over-looking Vancouver
Some guy is yelling about demons on the street
He is screaming out his pain
About how nobody will help him
I walk by with my hood up

I walk by because everybody else does
If I was Jesus I would stop and heal him
Good thing they cured the Jesus out of me
At the hospital

Good thing my dealer is out of Jesus powder

I go to a busy McDonalds and order breakfast
from a machine
I sit down among old Asian men chatting in Mandarin
I guess it could be Cantonese
I wait for order 1025
I try to remember being ten
Or being twenty-five

I realize I am the age Jesus died
Next year I will have lived longer than he ever did
Good thing I am not him
Not him at all

Four witches and a magician
Sailing the flow vibes to the end of time,
Waves, no night division
Edge of breath, bend the rhyme.
To include a few
Battery powered, star toys
She told me not to
Hang around with car boys,
And since it’s a flood reality
We sail
I put up the raptor Jesus flag
In the wind, flail
And I ask: “Can I be a witch?”
To which they answer
“Each to his own,
Home-grown grade of cancer!”

We celebrate and drink,
To those lost in the flam!
I am a slim man,
But we got a boat load of
The tossed and the scram,
Costumes and balloon magic
Face-paint, Clowns in on the Town
But the town is so tragic.

“It is so sad to see
Mother Gaia eat up a city
With her wet and whipped tongues
I lost the game.”
“I lost the game”
“I have also, of course,
Lost the game, but which course are we on?”

One of the witches asks
As if take backs are allowed.
And the four girls look up,
And stare at the clouds.
And she says “I am Karen!
And caring about the world
While you are starring at a Louis Riel statue,
Submerged under the waters which are raving,
Is insane, but we keep on sailing out at you!”

And as the boat turns and dips,
The magician puts his fingers to his lips,
And listens for the the sound of a squirrel-fish,
But then realizes this does not yet exist.

“What if we crash?” asks one witch
As the others lapse into a silence that snaps
The crisps liquid air of lucidity.
“What a thing to ask.”

I declare, and yes, now
You know that I was there.
See, I was the wizard clown in the robe
With the whisper of winters in his hair.
And pajama pants I did wear,
On this the day of our apocalypse,
Two-Thousand and Twenty-Six,
With a half-eaten cereal box to share with witches.

(One of whom was busily stitching
A neat new Cthulhu ski mask
Which would be worn by who, when and where
You might ask?)

Says the oft silent witch,
With a wind whipping her hair,
“We will travel and then get there.”

“But where?” said the blonde one,
“And with whom?” said the stitching witch,
And both looked at me,
As if I were the hitch.

But the riddle was rippled out,
Much like the water.
It came all at once and went, wet, outwards,
Like wet winter’s daughters.
Reflecting a puzzle of sky,
Obese river and city soaked under.
Just as an ear has no choice
But to hear thunder.
The five then wondered…
“Why, she, me and three ellipses?”
The witches fiddled with their hoods,
The wizard with his sleeves.
And floated onwards,
River, river and little bits of trees.

“Whose are these?”
I wondered as I riffled our boat saved belongings.
Then realized that everything was everyone’s,
We were navigating a world beyond longings.

“What a silly wizard you do make.”
Said the witch which stitched the mask,
“Don’t you see rivers for the lake?
“And about your nose should I even ask?”

She referred to the absurd,
Long beak that I was wearing.
So I took it off and tossed it aloft,
With the world I was sharing.
“Beak overboard!” cried a witch,
“How dare you lose your nose!” said another.
I crossed my arms about it,
And said, “Why bother?”

To this one witch screamed “Fashion!”
And stamped her foot in the boat.
“I am Alex, and I will not be seen
With a wizard who throws his nose off to float.”
“Well then you best be comfortable,”
I said, “Though we both know you will be miserable.
“As an apocalypse witch
whose business is invisible!”

While all this madness went about,
One witch had the mind to be rowing,
Though none of the others were so stout,
She at least, kept them going.
And at this latest ruffling of feathers,
She began to sing as a response.
While the wizard and the fashionista witch
Look upon each other with immature taunts.

“Snack time!” declared the witch with yellow hair,
“I’ve brought dandelion humus and carrots.”
Which she then pulled out to share,
“But let us not forget the ferrets!”
Oh yes, dear readers,
Did you think we were afloat without rodents?
We had two at least,
Which were the least of those which I could see at the moment.
“Oh my, oh my, oh my!”
Said a witch with a carrot hummus dipped.
“How pleasant it is to share snacks,
“With this crew on this ship.”
“Hardly a ship!” another noted,
“But, perhaps, a gondola or ferry.”
“A ferry of ferrets!” they exploded,
And all were giggles, all were merry.

Then they settled for a bit,
With the stillness of the lake.
As they floated by building tops
The waters lapping in their wake.
“We really must make a magic,”
I dared then to speak,
Even though that one witch
Was still sour at my long lost beak.
“A magic of making,
And also the transformative kind,
To give ourselves gills and fins,
To then swim into our bind.”

And the witches did all giggle,
At the result of the thought I had pitched.
For if we all transformed,
They would each be a mer-witched.
“What a thing to be, girls,”
Said the one that rowed and also sung,
“At the end of the world,
“Four merwitches and a fishy wizard one.”
So we began our dank magicking,
With spells and words cast,
The nape gill replaced,
And fins growing from our backs.
But the ferrets would not have any of this,
Being hardwired rodents and thieves,
Not willing to trade fur skin for fish,
They both ran up all of our sleeves.
So when the magic was casted,
And as merpeople we glimmered,
We all five looked fantastic,
As the flood waters shimmered.

“I will jump first!” said the witch which also sung,
“I am Jessica and will out merwitch you all!”
Then with a back somersault she flung,
Up into the air, then a splash from the fall.
The blonde witch then stood,
She who’d had the snacks.
Did a wild dancing with each foot,
Then announced with a laugh.
“I will flip and fish follow,
“Down into the drink.
“Perhaps find a corral hollow,
“To make mine own space, I do think!”
She jumped and flipped and splashed,
Two witches left, with me and two stubborn pets.
“Well I am Alisha, and I do not want to be last,
Least of all left out of discovering the wets.”
So she flipped up and glimmered,
A mighty merwitch in the sun.
Then swam under and shimmered,
So that there was only a number of witches which numbered one.

“Ha, you beakless wizard fish,
“You will be so silly,” she proclaimed.
“Good luck doing feats of wizardry,
“Once the underwater has you claimed.”
And she stood up on the boat proud,
Spit one last fireball at the sun,
Then she dived in and her splash was loud,
And on the boat there was just a wizard one.
“Well ferrets,” I said then,
Looking at a watered up Winnipeg,
“Enjoy your floating until we meet again.”
Then I stood on one fish finned leg.
It was once a great city,
Of magic, art and fridges.
Now it was the kingdom
Of one fish wizard and four merwitches.
So I flopped into the lake like a koi
No longer worried about how, why or when,
Not being no more human, nor boy,
Just a fishy wizard in the end.




Reflecting Glass Eyes

Posted: October 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

So I left a dark hip-hop lyricist
Put a hemisphere between us
Our minds were like a mirror it’s
Clear our love was peerless

Yet I watched her board plane
One last hug and kiss and then
She was off to Winnipeg
And I was flying to Taipei

And I’m here for a year with no
Demons speeding my mojo
Just my broken sober ego
A mountain, pen and notebook

And I won’t look like I regret it
When I skype her or send a message
Cause like adults we’ve accepted
That our paths could not remain connected

But what’s this ‘our’ and who’s this ‘we’?
I made the decision, it was all me
you’d think true love would make a man
reverse his plans but see…

I had something to run from
an expensive affliction
I that that she understood cause
she was in a similar position

cause when your living in a shadow
even with a hand to hold
it drags you down until you feel
like you been growing twice as old

and I know that I like this girl
thirteen hours around the world
across ocean waters seems absurd
but I can feel her, when I hear her


with no outlet I go mental
nostalgic and sentimental
five AM and listening to the
same El-P instrumental

replaying it on youtube
from the start with no way to loop
it shouldn’t be lost on I or you
the track is “The Over Dramatic Truth”

and systematic, like an addict
ritualistic rhymes emphatic
try to make the point that I am
feeling sort of tragic

out of sorts with my habits
which has actually been kinda nice
a Saturday night without the
disassociated heights

but another habit that I miss
was all the magic we lived
cause I admit the thing is
I’m sucker for the witch

wish I could relive the past
but still be following my path
retroactive,but we
did our best to make it last

and we crafted what we could
with the time we had, like
there is only so much hood
for a silent ninja archetype

the night’s been eaten by rhymes
I’m still feeling my mind
reeling dealing rewind
trapped reflecting glass eyes

and I hear her…


Dream World Eater

Posted: June 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

I am a man,
dreaming he is a monster
dreaming he is trapped
dreaming he is a slave
I am a man,
slowly waking up from a dream
I am a dream maker
I am the creator
of this world
of all worlds
I am a wanderer
wandering a world in pain
wandering in love
blind, but able
I am a ghost
haunting a man
haunted by a monster
watched by two angels
I am a blind child
whispering to his angels
seeking the power to choose…

I am a Force of Nature

Posted: June 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

-sleep paralysis
-my own potential
-fear of failure
-fear of love
-fear of money/abundance
-finding out who I truly am
-the process of life
-my unquiet mind
-ghosts/aliens/gods/monsters-my sexual desires
-unrequited love
-my talent
-my life
-this thing I’ve grown in me
-being a hypochondriac
-dealing with life
-finding solace
-being bigger
-growing old

Let it run its course.

Let it bleed out like ten day old drugs.

Your blood.

As dirty as the streets.

All the crazies have broken their day-pass parole.

It’s not even a full moon.

The light pollution in Winnipeg is a haze.

Star signs and birth dates are as useful as the half crumpled Sun.

You might as well be my mother.

You might as well be my baby.

Eating and feeding the zoo animals.

Let loose the chains.

And all you do is follow your nose into trouble.

Satan’s dust hound.

You seek out that click, of the razor and a mirror.


A thousand seconds blows through you… like granules of immortality-


And for one second you glance at death…


A dark circle under your eye.

A blue vein in your knuckle.

As if a rolled up queen could bring cold sweet winter,

to your street hot veins.

The red cells run their course like rabbits loose.

Ketamine snowflakes hug them like a  white Christmas angel

Around the red bulb of hope.

An angel who scream births a long serpentine dragon

that fills her scream

fills her agony

until all her paper angel teeth are caught burning.

Let that dragon loose.

It eats the mothers children’s rabbits.

And you chase it angry, across dirty urban sunrise.

That dragon,

whose eyes are full thousand year red,

its creases dark and tired.