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Sleepless in Winnipeg

Posted: November 21, 2013 in aliens, madness, strangers
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Aliens. The greys. Strange visitors in the night.
These things are only a thin part of your life;
Like coffee, a hot buzz, that you invited.
Or cold, like milk in your cereal, cooling your stomach.

You’ve seen too many films,
Read one too many comic book.
That luminescent triangular face,
Is engrained into your mind.

Waking, and sleeping, both worlds
Are manifested illusions.
The paralysis in between is no more real,
You do not break through the frequency.

But something made a book fall from your shelf,
For some reason you woke up,
At four in the morning, startled and saying;
“No, go away! Go away!” heart racing.

Staring at your closet, turning the light on.
Somehow your pillow is on the floor,
You must have thrown it there, in imagined panic,
Dismiss the idea that something moved it.

Nothing is trying to implant nodes into you,
Soon a dermatologist will call,
You will have the bumps on your back and neck,
Dismissed as cysts caused by stress.

There are strange and dark problems,
They plague your life, it’s true.
But they come from this world,
Not from the cold blue winter sky.

I feel their presence right before I go to bed-
The hum of their scanners as they probe my head-
Tending to the seeds, long ago planted-
Into the womb of my mother, by a doctor only disguised as-

Really they wear masks of all types-
One even posed as a friend of mine-
Trying to activate an implant in the back of my eye-
But I caught the spy, in the web of his own lies-

I chased him all the way to his space vessel-
Hidden deep under a neighbors’ septic well-
He fired the engines, took off, turned invisible-
And none of the local authorities believed any of this top be plausible-

But it’s true, the new life forms are invading us-
I’ve witnessed seemingly witless old ladies whispering secrets-
Into what you would claim to be run of the mill parking meters-
But they are really doomsday devices with hidden levers-

“I won’t trust a single human!
“I don’t accept one word as the truth!
They are in cahoots! with the priest and gurus!
I say watch your leaders, people, watch your leaders…”

My cortex holds microscopic nodes-
Through microwaves it sends them scrambled codes-
And if you go down any unknown back roads-
You’ll find landing zones for the mother loads-

I intercepted a call to number two from number one-
A status update that the next phase had begun-
They’ve nearly taken over every single telecom-
Soon we will rule this world run system terror drone-

“I say watch your leaders, people, watch your leaders…”

The mother-ship is hovering-
Slowly we’re discovering-
Pods and doubles stuttering-
Soulless round black eyes of the nothing-

They want our planet for their own-
Terraformed into a suitable home-
For these aliens all alone-
Walking among us, mostly unknown-

That’s why I say watch your leaders, people, watch your leaders…

When I was a childthe angels ran a soap opera in my head.
They got married and divorced
and married and divorced and married
and had little angel children.

And my parents told me I had imaginary friends.

Angels whisper alien? Why?
Lights in the sky- Aurora Borealis!
Purple blue green orange
a melting night rainbow
“Quick get the kids
out on the deck!”
nature is aglow
The world is open.

The aliens liquid dance and the acid is free.

The Closet

Posted: May 9, 2013 in ode to possessions
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My closet terrifies me,

Always has,

Always will.

What’s worse is the orange operating light on the power-bar

On the floor in front of the closet

That casts it in a fiery glow.

Like a maw of hell.

How long has humanity

Been plagued by the gaping

Black horrors of the closet?

Has it only been since we’ve had

Excess clothes and junk

To fill them?

Is it my extra stuff that fills me with terror?

No. (Well maybe.)

Is it the space that extra stuff necessitates?

Is it the fact

That all bedrooms are made

With these terrible nooks of doom?

That architects simply assume

I will have extra stuff?

They don’t even know me.

Did irrational night time fear

Even exist before the advent

Of the closet?

Of course it did.

Children probably feared

That little extra cranny in the cave.

A strange bush

Too close to the teepee.

That bit of darkness

That could hide a predator

Or any of the monsters

Born from campfire stories.

My mind imagines a tall

Skinny grey alien

Large round black eyes

With wrinkled lids

Squinting at me.

Just a presence in my room.

Its’ long fingers

Reaching for me

Closer and closer…

Sometimes I jerk up from these imaginings

Turn on my reading light

And just stare at the closet.

Just stare.


I try to burn the reality

That there is no grey alien

Into my retinas.

Nothing there.

Nothing but too many clothes

My camping gear

And some boxes of things I’ve tried to forget I bought.

No alien.

No grey alien.

But the closet never goes away.

And I need to turn the light out

Eventually if I’m going to get any sleep.

Every apartment I ever rent

Will have a closet.

And every night will bring the darkness.

But I will never get used to it.

The closet.

Grey Sky

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Aphorism, science fiction
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Time taste like stale coffee.

Winter dies into slosh.

A grey sky hides the sun,

and the mysteries of the satellites.

Oh, grey men cometh!