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Drinking through my last days in Taipei
Dazzled by arcades with Japanese names
Paying for toys I barely have room to ship home
Scared I will forget Taipei
If I don’t own the right trinket
I want this city to sink permanently into my skin
Even as I dream of leaving it…

Taipei is lights too bright
Traffic too loud
A sun too hot
As air conditioners drip like tears
Forming puddles on beetlenut stained sidewalks
Endless toy-stores
Full of highly detailed Japanese sculpt
Of every cute character to extremes
And extremes made cute
It is a plastic island.

I bleed red money here
My hands stained with blood spending
Whipping out my phone
To track the damage like a detective
On the case of my own debt
Taipei is falling asleep to the whispered secrets
Of a tired fan
Staring at the moon over Taipei 101
From the Sun-Yet San Memorial pond
And singing to calypso music
This city is drunk on plastic.

Winnipeg, 32 Stories Up

Posted: May 13, 2013 in urban
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From the sky-rise rooftop

The city looks like

Stone microchips

Laced with rivers of moving lights

So much human engineering

The metropolis

Monolithic machine

Centuries born.


Tuesday Morning

Posted: February 15, 2013 in modern life, muse, urban

And the city starts again

rebuilding and destroying itself on the streets

choking the sky.

People climb onto buses

roads veins.

The city speaks its names

through a speaker

in a female voice

not unlike the star-ship enterprise.

Clever girl

always working

always moving.