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Here in Vancouver
Where the crows perch on streetlights
Nature meets city

In a ravine park
I find a silent corner
To jot down haiku

The traffic drones on
Birds chirp as the sun beats down
Leaves sway in the wind

Gently flowing stream
Into a tunnel you flow
From sun to darkness

Sometimes to go low
As water filling a creek
Is the modest way

Treeroots, sticks and mud
A path leads to the old stump
At the ravine`s heart

In the shaded creek
A duck is still and napping
The water flows by


Grey Sky

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Aphorism, science fiction
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Time taste like stale coffee.

Winter dies into slosh.

A grey sky hides the sun,

and the mysteries of the satellites.

Oh, grey men cometh!