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Only been here six months
Already gone through two pairs of shoes-
Precarious precariat
Living like who cares if you lose-

Nothing to shoot for
Nothing to use for ammo-
Let the snow cover my jacket
That’s Canadian for camo-

Hid like a chameleon
Tongue whipped out like a toad-
Snatch the dried fly snack
Of the dirty curb cold-

Arms rolled up
Like receipt paper ready to be used-
Head case pried open
Reveals sixty eight wires ready to be fused-

Precarious robot
Missing parts from the instructions-
Finally did my own taxes
Maybe missed some of the deductions-

Trusting in a universe I made
But probably forgot about-
Traded for a shiny quarter
Before I even got it out-

Looking toward the front of the sky train
See the pilot-
It’s Charon steering the long pole
It’s a hijack-

Hades runs for mayor
With Poseidon as foreign minister-
The jury is full of old fates
Witches and spinsters-

Crows fly Vancouver
Snow piles on the mountain streets-
Status quo keeps the quota up
But are they counting  me?

As I snuggle into my humility
Shaded conformity bubble-
Nothing the shoot at
And not quite looking for trouble-